Posted by: Mike Cornelius | January 5, 2014

This Year’s Hall of Fame Arguments

A great post from Bill Miller’s always excellent On Deck Circle. Fans of the Great Game may not always be logical, but they are passionate! More to follow.

The On Deck Circle

I’ve been reading a sampling of the vast body of opinion regarding the 2014 baseball Hall of Fame ballot, which includes many of the most famous (and infamous) names in baseball history:  Bonds, Maddux, Clemens, Sosa, Bagwell, Biggio, Piazza, Schilling, Glavine, Mussina, Morris, Raines, etc.  Predictably, there is not only little consensus on which players belong in The HOF (with the probable exception of Greg Maddux), but there also seems to be a great deal of disagreement about what standards we should even use to judge these players.

What follows is a random sampling of the often contradictory (occasionally hallucinatory) opinions that fans and writers have expressed online regarding the players, and the Hall of Fame voting procedure itself.  The player being commented upon appears in parentheses.

1)  “He was a compiler.  He needs to get used to the fact that he was a good, but not a great player…

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  1. Mike, Thanks so much for re-blogging my post! I really appreciate that.

    • More than happy to Bill. It tied right in with what I was writing about this eve, and you had (as usual) done such a great job that had I attempted to cover the same ground myself I would have just wound up stealing from you. Which quite obviously would not be right!

      Happy New Year!


  2. Mike, While we’re on the topic, I have a new post on the HOF coming out tomorrow, regarding what, historically, is a “typically average” Hall of Famer.

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