Posted by: Mike Cornelius | January 20, 2013

The Reality Blog Award

Today’s post is unusual in that it is neither an account of some sporting event nor a discussion of a current issue in the sporting world. I suppose that in a sense the subject matter is sports writing itself. I’m not the best when it comes to talking (or writing) about my own work, but as On Sports and Life approaches its third anniversary I am honored that Bill Miller has nominated this site for the Reality Blog Award.


Bill is the author of The On Deck Circle, For my money no one writes about the Great Game with an equal mix of insight, passion, and scholarship. In a sport whose fans are often divided between adherents to traditional measures of achievement and those who disdain the old ways in favor of modern but esoteric sabermetric statistics, Bill displays a keen knowledge of and appreciation for both. He has a great love of the game’s history, and also happens to be a very fine writer. Perhaps the most impressive fact about Bill is that he manages to do all of this while suffering from the tragic disability of being a Mets fan. I encourage any reader of On Sports and Life who has not already done so the check out The On Deck Circle.

A blogger who is presented with this award is expected to respond to a few questions, which are set forth below.

1) If you could change one thing, what would it be?

That’s a magical power that every human being has probably wished they had at one time or another. Whether the answer is what one had for dinner last Tuesday, Derek Jeter not breaking his ankle, or having four particular airplanes all develop engine trouble and not being able to take off on a September morning in 2001, one should probably keep in mind Stephen King’s excellent and chilling novel 11/22/63. History unwinds, and having the ability to change it would almost certainly carry with it any number of unforeseeable and unintended consequences. Having said that, from that long ago night when a teenager’s idealism died I have always wondered how different our history might have been if Bobby had only chosen an exit route that didn’t take him through the Ambassador Hotel’s kitchen.

2) If you could repeat an age, what age would it be?

That one is easy. Eighteen, and newly arrived on the Hanover Plain.

3) What one thing really scares you?

It’s but one of many, many things I have in common with Indiana Jones, who said it best. “Snakes. I hate snakes.”

4) What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it?

Well both the PGA and Champions Tour are probably by the board; and my fastball was never fast enough to make it to the mound in Little League, much less at the Stadium in the Bronx. As the clock inexorably crawls toward six decades I’ve been fortunate to see many places and do many things, so while there will always be items on the proverbial Bucket List, I am not going to complain. There is one important goal, which I mentally characterize as such rather than as a dream since the former seems both more tangible and achievable than the latter. I have every expectation of completing it, since ultimately it merely requires starting Chapter One.

5) If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?

That one is also easy. Broadway, film and television actor Hugh Dancy. Who wouldn’t want to be married to Claire Danes and co-star with Tony Award winner Nina Arianda?

As fun as it’s been to answer those questions, the best and most important part of receiving the Reality Blog Award is passing it on, for its real purpose is to encourage and appreciate quality efforts by broadening the readership of other blogs. I am pleased to nominate these other blogs for this recognition. I encourage all of my readers to check out each of them and become subscribers.

The Cyberspace Troubadour,  If producing interesting and readable prose on a regular basis seems challenging, imagine writing and performing original songs. That is exactly what Burt Keirstead does, in the process revealing a gift for music and storytelling that deserves a large audience.

Ballparks on a Budget,  Alicia Barnhart started her blog with the goal of traveling to all thirty big league parks in one season. In the process of doing so she did fans everywhere a tremendous service by proving that a trip to a game need not require taking out a second mortgage or finding a second job. Now in the offseason she’s offering everything from tips on apparel to features on, the game’s official site.

for the love of nike,  Jennifer Martinez loves her sneakers, but she also loves to share her life, travels, creativity and photography.

Bucket List Publications,  Lesley Carter’s extremely popular site “portrays the beauty and limitless possibilities of the bucket list seeker.” Stories, photos and videos of all kinds or travel and adventure. Added bonuses are the frequent tutorials on how to increase exposure of one’s own blog.

You Jivin’ Me, Turkey?,  Bradley shares his life and his love of movies and baseball with raw honesty and an ever-present ability to make the reader smile.

Thanks to all these sites for keeping me entertained and informed, and thanks again to Bill Miller.


  1. Mike, All I can say is thank you for those extremely kind words. When I read your writing, I come away wishing my words could flow so easily and precisely. Your blog is more than worthy of this award.
    Thanks again,

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